Virtually everything out of the President’s mouth was a lie, the State of the Union is in shambles

Obama grandstands during speech

By Shepard Ambellas


WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — I was disgusted with President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.

Although I wanted to turn it off, I kept watching in disbelief.

In my opinion never before has the economy or the state of the union been worse.

However according to Obama, 2015 is a “breakthrough year for America” as “unemployment” remains “low”. But we all know this isn’t true.

The Messiah [Obama] went on to say, “Know this, the shadow crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong.”

The lies continued as Obama went on to talk about the budget, spouting, “First middle-class economics means helping working families feel more secure in a world of constant change. That means helping folks afford childcare, college, healthcare, a home, retirement. And my budget will address each of these issues, lowering the taxes of working families and putting thousands of dollars back into their pockets each year.”

In fact, I flipped the channel at one point and ended up on The Blaze T.V. where Glenn Beck did a great job narrating the speech on his program. While I am not a fan of Beck, it was rather entertaining. Beck shared a lot of the same opinions I have.

The almighty one went on to promise the masses free schooling.

“We have to do more to help American’s upgrade their skills.” said the President, promising to “lower the cost of community college to zero”. We wouldn’t want “school debt to derail anyone’s dreams”.

Obama continued on to promise “high-paying jobs”.

It just kept going on and on, so I won’t spoil the rest of the speech for you.

If you haven’t seen the speech, please do so. The video is posted above.

However, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may want to have a barf bag ready.

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