Volcanic eruption off West Coast of United States, Oregon undersea volcano now erupting!


By Michael Janitch | Dutchsinse.com

A new volcanic eruption is now confirmed to be taking place off the West Coast of the United States.

The new undersea volcanic activity is occurring approximately 300 miles off the shores of Central Oregon, along the Axial Seamount, where a fresh fissure has formed, producing new undersea lava flows, and seismic activity.

This undersea eruption FOLLOWS a series of earthquakes at dormant volcanoes along the West coast in California, and Nevada, as well as several large “steam plume” events from Hot Springs, Cold Springs, and dormant volcano locations.

This is on top of the other major international earthquake , and volcano activity which took place this past week.

Video covering these other new volcanic events here:

The new undersea eruption near the coast of Oregon is taking place directly between the 5.5M earthquake location from this past week (along the Northern California coast), and the 6.2M earthquake location , which occurred along the North Juan de Fuca fault near Vancouver British Columbia.

The volcanic eruption is occurring in the zone directly between the two previous larger earthquakes.  The area had not seen 6.0M+ activity in a fairly long time, now followed by an eruption.

Make note in the media report below, they mention the last time something like this occurred was in 2011.

In the past several videos I’ve put out, I’ve been trying to drive home the point that we are in a similar scenario to 2011 (before the Japan large earthquake in March 2011).

Before the Japan mega-quake, there were a series of unexpected (and quite excessive) volcanic eruptions internationally (which occurred over a short period of time), multiple large repeat earthquakes, steam plumes on the West coast, Hawaii had a volcanic event at Kilauea , and the 2011 undersea eruption off the coast of Oregon.

The same thing which occurred in 2011, is occurring now in 2015.

Plumes on the West coast, an eruption off the West coast, frequent large unexpected eruptions internationally, Hawaii volcano topping out with lava, multiple large widespread earthquakes in succession of one another, and strange geologic activity like what we saw in Japan this past week, where new land rose out of the sea, and other land sank.

All these signs point towards a coming large Pacific Ocean earthquake.

In 2011, most people ignored the warning signs… even going so far as to DENY the warning signs — same thing is happening today in 2015.  People did NOT learn the 2011 lesson of being prepared, and paying attention to geologic signs which show before large events occur.


I made a full report on the plume activity along the West coast over the past several days, specifically made a video on the events 2 days ago.

Now we see the plume activity is followed by a VOLCANIC ERUPTION NEARBY in Oregon.

Mainstream Media report on eruption

The Lincoln County Dispatch reports:

NEWPORT – Axial Seamount, an active underwater volcano located about 300 miles off the coast of Oregon and Washington, appears to be erupting.

Two scientists, including one from OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center had forecast that such an event would take place there in 2015.

Geologists Bill Chadwick of Oregon State University and Scott Nooner of the University of North Carolina Wilmington made their forecast last September during a public lecture and followed it up with blog posts and a reiteration of their forecast just last week at a scientific workshop.

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