Walmart Closures: Report claims inside information may have prompted closings, ties Walmart to DHS

(INTELLIHUB) — A recent segment on the Pete Santilli Show highlighted Walmarts clear-cut ties to the Department of Homeland Security going back at least as far as Hurricane Katrina.

The video’s description details information Pete received from a family member:

Rumors and speculation is running rampant on the internet about the Walmart store closings. Independent media hacks are jumping to conclusions ranging from “the stores are being converted to FEMA Camps” “Closings related to JADE Helm” and many other paranoia-prompting posts can be found on the internet as of this report. At this point, nobody knows the cause of the sudden store closings.

Pete Santilli & Dani Mcpherson cover the news regarding the mysterious and sudden closure of 5 major Walmart Super Centers. In addition to the numerous reports in the mainstream and independent media, Pete adds some additional interesting information regarding WalMart’s relationship with the Department of Homeland Security dating back to Hurricane Katrina.

In this video Pete displays a picture of WalMart’s “EOC” (Emergency Operations Center), and comments about the EOC looking more like an NSA command center.

Pete’s family member (brother) worked directly for Walmart Corporate headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas, and informed Pete about WalMart’s relationship with the DHS. During Hurricane Katrina, the DHS coordinated heavily with Walmart since they have the resources to distribute disaster relief supplies. Since then, Walmart has also worked directly with the DHS by installing pinhole facial recognition cameras in their stores, scanning customers, and uploading/sharing the data with the Federal government.

Walmarts close connections to homeland security are a public fact and detailed in the original Intellihub report on the store closures.

“The fact that Wal-Mart has worked hand in hand with the Department of Homeland Security in the past is what lead many to question the store closings in the first place. This history includes the infamous see something say something campaign launched by the former Homeland Security secretary known affectionately as “Big Sis.”

DHS and Walmart: Partners in Promoting “If You See Something, Say Something” Campaign

In December 2010, then Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made waves with her announcement of a partnership between DHS and Walmart. Comparing the announcement to 1984, many saw this as one of the largest retailers in the country joining with the government to promote spying on your neighbors.

A press release praising the partnership detailed how a DHS produced video would now play at the checkout lines of over 200 stores.”

Although Walmart has clearly been willing to work closely with the government in the past and FEMA absolutely does have the executive power to take over any store they want, many will undoubtedly consider this mere conspiracy theory or fear mongering due to lack of direct evidence. But is asking questions and putting together connections really a bad thing?

Video courtesy of Pete Santilli Show/YouTube