Walmart Jade Helm connection: “There’s plenty of those available to them without having to ask for us, they’ve got that handled already”


Fears of possible Walmart Jade Helm connection continue

By Alex Thomas

(INTELLIHUB) — With fears over a possible Walmart connection to the massive upcoming Jade Helm realistic military training exercise going into hyperdrive a concerned citizen has taken the time to contact the Walmart home office for an explanation.

The over 8 minute conversation is extremely weird, with the Walmart employee seemingly reading off a prepared list of statements while at the same time over answering all the questions in a highly suspicious manner.

A little over three minutes into the conversation the Walmart employee reveals that the US military already has deals in place with Walmart and could use any store they desired.

“Does this have anything to do with the Jade Helm 15 military exercises?”

Walmart home office: “No, no, no.”

“Not at all?”

Walmart home office: “No. There’s plenty of those available to them without having to ask for us . They’ve got that handled already. That was handled way before (inaudible).”

Overall, after listening to the video multiple times there is clearly something strange with the way the entire call went. An article on ANP about the call included a comment from a reader that touched on this fact.

The thing that stands out to me in the Walmart telephone call is that the ‘operator’ speaks a LOT. He goes on and on ‘explaining’, he over-answers the guy’s questions, he speaks quickly. The over-answering is what really sticks out with me because that is typical of people who are nervous and lying. I’ve never spoken to a company rep that has handled a phone call like this Walmart employee.

The man sounds almost stupid. When asked about losing all of that revenue he answers that it’s only a “temporary loss”. That is a nonanswer answer. There’s no such thing as a temporary loss; it makes no sense. Maybe a ‘canned’ answer?

BTW, you don’t become a multi-billionaire by shutting stores down completely, for 6 months, because you want to get your plumbing problem “fixed properly”. If it was that extensive a problem they’d ignore it (lose money with repairs) or they’d find a way to stay open in spite.

Anytime a corporation says they want to do things the right way you know you’re being conned. I’ve spent my life auditing businesses and EVERYBODY says that when questioned about odd activity.

Too many ‘tells’ in this phone call. Walmart is lying – I think that’s a fact.

Theories about a Walmart Jade Helm connection have spread like wildfire throughout the internet with many believing there is an obvious connection while others see connecting Walmart to Jade Helm as a way to discredit legitimate concerns about the military training to take on the American people.

Here at Intellihub News we have tried to remain neutral, acknowledging that the connection could be pure disinformation used to muddy the waters on all coverage related to Jade Helm while also publishing photos we received that show military vehicles in the parking lot of one of the closed Walmarts.

The photos, published on May 12 by Shepard Ambellas, are the smoking gun for some while others believe the convoy just happened to stop at the closed Walmart.

Intellihub/Reader Submitted
Intellihub/Reader Submitted
Intellihub/Reader Submitted
Intellihub/Reader Submitted
Intellihub/Reader Submitted

What do you think?

Is the Walmart employee lying during the call? Did he reveal a deeper connection between Walmart and the US Military than previously known?

Are these photos an indication that there is a Walmart Jade Helm connection? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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