War on Christianity hits next level: Oregon shooter specifically targeted Christians for death

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Liberal media recently called for “disrespecting” of all Christians

By Alex Thomas

ROSEBERG, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — According to multiple reports the gunman of yesterdays mass shooting asked potential victims what their religious preference was before deciding whether or not to shoot them. Shockingly whoever answered ‘Christian’ would soon was soon after shot.

A report in the Douglas County’s News Review detailed the fact that the shooter asked potential victims about their religious identity but failed to mention the key fact that the shooter was in all actuality setting his sights on Christians in general.

“Kortney Moore, 18, from Rogue River, was in her Writing 115 class in Snyder Hall when a shot came through a nearby window. She saw her teacher get shot in the head. The shooter was inside at that point. He told people to get on the ground. The shooter was asking people to stand up and state their religion and then started firing away, Moore said. Moore was lying there with people who had been shot.”

A screenshot taken on Twitter and published by Truth Revolt also details a claim that a grandmother was on seen and heard the shooter specifically targeting Christians.

A grieving father whose daughter was a victim of the shooting appeared on CNN detailing the shocking and horrific fact that the shooter specifically asked each person if they were a Christian before murdering them. “This man had enough time to stand there and ask, one by one, what their religion was. Are you a Christian he would ask them […] if you are Christian he would ask them to stand up.” “Good because if you are a Christian you are about to see god in about one second […] then he shot and killed them.”


Shockingly, the specific targeting of Christians for death comes just a week after a prominent liberal media outlet published a disgusting anti-Christian hit piece that literally called for disrespecting all Christians in America. “The hit piece and transparent direct attack on all Christian Americans comes from well-known anti Christian crusader Jeffrey Tayler and proves, without a doubt, that dozens of articles throughout the mainstream media were directly lying to their readers when they claimed that there is no war on Christianity.” “Tayler then rambles on about a theory from a controversial fringe biblical “scholar” that claims that Christianity was created by Rome to control the poor before making his key point clear and that point lines up with the views of the vast majority of the reporters and editors who work for the largely liberal mainstream media. Christians deserve to be disrespected, ignored, and maligned. (emphasis mine)”

If we reject the Bible, we are left with one conclusion: no respect can be accorded to the cult of Christianity. No credibility can attach to any organization in based on, trafficking in, or promoting this cult. No individuals, be they popes, priests, or pastors, merit deference when acting in their official capacity. No policy, be it regarding contraception, biological research, abortion, marriage, or the right to die, should enjoy our favor if it takes as its basis doctrines arising from this cult. No tax advantages (exemptions, that is, or de facto subsidies) should accrue to any organization claiming Christ as its raison d’être. And no politicians flaunting their religion or pandering to the faithful should be trusted. They are not working for the common good.

Was this the disrespect Tayler and the liberal media was talking about?

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