War propaganda: CNN disgustingly uses 7-year-old child reading a script to push for war in Syria

"Fake News" network has no shame

(INTELLIHUB) — CNN has taken its propaganda to the next level after conducting a scripted interview with a 7-year-old Syrian girl in a shockingly transparent attempt to start a war with Syria after an apparent chemical attack that some have blamed on the Assad regime.

The thinly veiled war propaganda piece, published under the title “7-year-old Syrian girl’s heartbreaking plea: ‘Why can’t you stop the war?’,” contains an interview between CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota and a 7-year-old Syrian girl named Bana Alabed who became famous last year after her parents tweeted for her from war-torn Syria.

The most shocking part of the exchange between Camerota and Alabed happens when the CNN propagandist literally asks the 7-year-old if she blames Assad for the attack as if somehow Alabed would know anything besides the fact that she is legitimately scared for her and her family while living through an admittedly terrible situation.

“Bana, do you [a 7-year-old girl] blame President Assad for this [chemical attack],” Camerota shamelessly asks.

Clearly reading from a script, Alabed responds yes in an obvious attempt by CNN to use emotions from a hurting child to start a war that could kill an untold number of people.

Alabed continued, “I want (them) to stop the war, and I want the children of Syria to play and go to school and live in peace.”


“Together we can help them. Together we can save them.”

This disgusting attempt at convincing the American people to start yet another war is par for the course at CNN, a network that has spent months purposefully suppressing news that hurts the past Obama administration while continually pushing out anti-Trump propaganda 24/7.

As I reported just days ago in reference to the networks attempt to cover-up the bombshell Susan Rice revelations, “Since the moment that it was revealed that former Obama Administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice had ordered the “unmasking” of key Trump campaign members, establishment propaganda machine CNN has done everything in their power to downplay the startling revelations through a mixture of misinformation and outright lies.”

“The “reporter” claiming this bombshell story is “ginned up” is an Obama operative who has a personal relationship with the Rice family, a fact that CNN apparently doesn’t think its viewers should know.”

While any type of chemical attack is obviously horrible, it remains to be seen if the Assad government actually carried out this attack, especially when you consider that John Kerry himself publicly claimed that they had removed all such weapons from Syria. Remember, a previous chemical attack during the Obama Administration was actually carried out by rebels in the country and then blamed on the Syrian government.

None of these facts seem to matter to CNN who has instead opted to use a scared child reading from a script to try and force the hand of President Trump and get the country into yet another endless war.

Alex Thomas is an opinion journalist and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.
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