Warning: They don’t have to use harmful artificial color dyes in foods

If they can use real food for colors instead, why are so many U.S. products laced with risky ingredients banned around the world?

By Aaron Dykes & Melissa Melton

(INTELLIHUB) — We were confronted with a neon colored popsicle that seemed like a young kid’s dream and a parent’s nightmare – that is, until we realized that unlike most of its peers on the junk food market, this sugary treat DOES NOT use artificial color dyes – which have been banned in Europe and most of the world due to their proven links to hyperactivity and cancer.

It just begs the question: why do so many foods sold in the U.S. use artificial dyes like Blue #1, Blue #2, Red #3, Red #40, Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 when their potential harm has been demonstrated in countless studies and real food alternatives – like the turmeric and beet extracts used in this frozen desert – could be used just as easily.


See also: Anthony Antonello’s mini-documentary on the prevalence of Red #40:

RED 40 – The Color of Poison.. A MUST SEE FOR PARENTS !!

With “ADD” and “ADHD” reportedly on the rise, it’s time parents get informed on some of the other things that cause symptoms that can be mistaken for said “disorders”. Do you know what’s in the food you’re eating ? More importantly, what’s in the food your children are eating ? Do you know how many foods use food coloring ? Do you know what some of the ingredients are in these food colorings ? Do you know what these food colorings CAN do o your children ? This is a debate that is 80 years in the making. If you can’t answer even one of those questions, it’s time to get educated. Your child’s life may depend on it. Help spread this video..

Further reading, including studies and articles:

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Anthony Antonello – RED 40 – The Color of Poison.. A MUST SEE FOR PARENTS!!

(Photo: KidsAintCheap.com)

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