The elite have been gunning for Trump’s anti-establishment campaign – as they have for others in the past like Ron Paul and Ross Perot.

Was the emergency landing by Trump’s private jet – just days after he accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucus – more than just a coincidental problem?

Ron Paul was rumored to receive threats on his life for his upstart campaigns in 2008 and 2012 – and had a similar “emergency plane landing” during his 2008 campaign. Ross Perot reported that ex-CIA types affiliated with George H.W. Bush were after him back in 1992 – prompting him to back off of his campaign.

History would suggest that it is very possible – and that no one should be counted out in 2015…

Even if, like Jeb Bush, they appear to be too far behind to count. Like the tortoise, Bush will tread onward, waiting for his opponents to fall.

From out of nowhere – and against all odds or indicators of public support – Jeb is showing in 2nd place in at least one New Hampshire poll.

Trump admits MAGA has just begun, McConnell claims Trump provoked capitol attack

What? Could it really be?

Trump’s domination of the polls and public attention is no guarantee that he will get votes, delegates or the nomination.

It is very possible that the shadowy establishment powers-that-be simply will not accept a Trump presidency – and will offer up an alternative at any price.

What will happen in the next few weeks may be unpredictable and possibly quite politically messy.

Source: Truthstream Media | Richard/Flickr