Washington State authorities prepare to enforce forced quarantines on general public

Snatch and grabs of suspected COVID-19 cases authorized at Level 3

KING COUNTY, Wash. (INTELLIHUB) — County officials under a state of emergency are preparing to authorize authorities with the legally to enforce mandatory detainment and forced quarantine of anyone suspected of having contracted the deadly SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spawned disease known as COVID-19.

King County Director of Public Health Patty Hayes said at a city council meeting on Tuesday that officials are ready to take the next step to try and contain the virus which includes bumping up the current county response level to 3 which would allow for the legal detainment of anyone suspected of being infected or anyone who may have come in contact with the infected.

The Washington State Department of Health released the following chart which shows just how serious Level 3 really is.

The Seattle Times reports:

Level 3 would involve involuntary isolation of sick people and involuntary quarantines of people who have contacted those who are sick. Health officers could issue emergency detention orders or seek court orders for involuntary detention to involuntarily isolate or quarantine people who are uncooperative, according to the chart.


As things progress further, a move to Level 4 would mean that “major public and large private gathers” will be canceled along with “schools, childcare facilities, workplaces, and public buildings.”

Level 5 means that all personal and commercial movements will be restricted if not prohibited. (i.e. the total lockdown of all cities and towns. Nothing in and nothing out.)

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