Watch: Disgraced NYPD officers brutally beat man for not wearing COVID mask

This is America, people! This is the new norm because we let it happen.

(INTELLIHUB) — Video footage posted to YouTube on Monday reveals the true extent of what is really going on in the United States while most Americans have been locked down inside of their homes against their will and against the U.S. Constitution–plain and simple. The very fact that people are prohibited to travel, visit a park, or go about their daily lives should be a major red flag to all of us and an indicator of what is to come–and let’s just say whatever is coming is not going to be good.

The latest assault of a U.S. citizen occurred in Brooklyn when New York City police officers detained and beat a man for not wearing a mask. That’s right people this is what America has become. This is the new norm and things are only going to get worse as meat, foods, and other essential supplies begin to disappear from store shelves entirely.

There is a storm coming. The outer bands have not even begun to hit us yet. So buckle up and get your toilet paper because it’s going to get shitty.

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