Watch: Japanese-American chased, pushed, and beaten by hard-left Antifa mob

Leftist violence continues as media focuses on attacking Trump supporters

(INTELLIHUB) — Members of the Patriot Prayer Group recently visited Berkeley, California where they were greeted by hundreds of screaming hard-left Antifa thugs.

The “protesters”, newly emboldened after the mainstream media spent the past several weeks openly promoting them, preceded to attack the group, including organizer and Japanese-American Joey Gibson.

So far the mainstream media as well as establishment GOP figures like Mitt Romney have been silent about the horrific attack, instead keeping the focus on labeling any real conservative group as racists.

Other violence during the rally was documented by Pacific Pundit, including an attack on a Trump supporter with urine.

“Here is some more video of left wing terrorists and “peaceful” AntiFa from today’s violence in Berkeley. AntiFa has moved to the point of pouring urine on Trump supporters, or basically anyone they disagree with. Here is a video of a pissy AntiFa terrorist pouring urine on a Trump supporter. They are still being described as “peaceful” my the media.”


Keep in mind, these are the “good guys” according to the corrupt mainstream media.

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Featured Image: Darij & Ana/Flickr
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