Watch this video of your trendy hi-tech future

By Melissa Melton | The Daily Sheeple

Watch this video of our coming trendy technocratic future…

A future where everyone is walking around outfitted with the equivalent of Google Glass and other “immersive technologies” (as in, “blurring the line between physical reality and the digital/simulated world”).

A future where your trashcan is wired with sensors to “talk” to your refrigerator about what you just threw away (and therefore whoever is monitoring the data also knows what you threw away, how much you throw away, if what you had been legal to have by whatever ridiculous laws are in place at the time, and whether or not you could have/should have recycled it instead, so you will be fined appropriately).

A future where someone somewhere knows how much electricity, water and resources you are using (and therefore whether you will need to be limited or charged more in carbon taxes).

A future where every single last thing you buy — ever — will be kept on an interactive, “smart” record because cash will no longer exist.

A future that the video says, “will tell us what we need and when we need it”… Why will it do that? Because robots will be everywhere, they’ll be smarter than us, and we’ll be tracked and traced at our every single step. In fact, that song by the Police will become the new anthem of the human race. Sing along with me! “Every breath you take…every move you make…”

“It’s gonna be amazing,” the video promises.

There’s even a nice little police state reference in there about how “connected” cops will be…

Upon viewing, YT commenter TaketheGate wrote:

Your privacy will be intrusive. Your neighbors will be able to know your daughter is a slut. You will not be able to buy anything without credit. Your precious metals and stones will be illegal to own. You will be force-fed GMOs. Your organic food growers will be sentenced. You will only be allowed to have a 3 minute shower. Your air will be black smog. You will be able to buy cans of pure air to breathe. Your ozone layer will disappear. Your skin will receive daily unhealthy doses of daily radiation. Your power will come from nuclear waste based energies. Your water will become flammable from hydraulic fracturing. Your living quarters will be a single room for family of four. You cannot drive to work, driving will be outlawed. You will work 75 hours a week. You will be paid below minimum wage. Your family will barely afford to be able to eat. You will be under educated. You will not be allowed to congregate in groups of more than two. Your minds will be read through brain scanning technology. You will be medicated. Your children will be medicated too. Your entire life will be recorded and uploaded to a database. Your local police will show up when you become a danger to society. You will be tazed and incapacitated. You will receive an immortality injection that will rewrite DNA and prolong your life sentence eternally. You will not be happy. You will not find serenity. You will not find empathy. You will not find infamy. You will not find security. You will find mediocrity.

Are you ready, my fellow humans?

(Because I’m not. And I won’t be. Ever.)

H/T: Lontay Jordan

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