Water shut off in all of Detroit’s public schools; found to be tainted

Students in Detroit are forced to attend school despite the fact that there is no running water in 34 of the city's 106 schools

The water has been shut off in all of Detroit’s public schools after hazardous levels of lead and copper were discovered in water supply lines at nearly one-third of the locations.

Officials say 34 of 106 schools have tested positive for the toxic water and that aging pipes are to blame for the problem.

“How do they prepare lunch?” Asked Tabatha Harmon, the parent of a student who attends Marcus Garvey Academy. “How do the lunch aides wash their hands?”

“All summer long the grass stayed cut — why you didn’t make sure the water stayed clean,” Harmon told CBS This Morning.

More than 47,000 students are affected by the shutoff.

To make matters worse, there are reports of moles and mice running through the school systems food supply.