Watford Mayor On Bilderberg 2013: “I Had To Sign The Official Secrets Act Before I Could Be Briefed”


Mayor Thornhill: “The importance of it (Bilderberg) was clearly rammed home to me when I had to sign the official secrets act before I could be briefed.”

Dorothy Thornhill (Photo: Explosive Reports)
Dorothy Thornhill (Photo: Explosive Reports)

By Jurriaan Maessen
June 11, 2013

In a heartwarming and revealing evaluation of the successful Bilderberg protests organized to counter the 60-year veil of secrecy, the elected mayor of Watford says she became aware of Bilderberg’s importance when she “had” to sign the UK Secrets Act before she could be briefed on the subject. Mayor Thornhill wrote on her official website:

“Until I was briefed by the police I only knew it was a controversial meeting of big wigs  but beyond that nothing more. The importance of it was clearly rammed home to me when I had to sign the official secrets act before I could be briefed. It was then revealed that the police would have to be prepare for all eventualities from a full blown terror attack (so many world VIP’s in one place together) to potential disruption from protestors who may or may not cause trouble or who may or may not be provoked by saboteurs and infiltrators!!”.

Being briefed on a highly secretive affair, as one can imagine, is crucial for an elected mayor of a town about to be swamped by protesters and media. The Secrets Act, according to Wikipedia, “can only be enforced by persons who are crown servants or government contractors.” In the case of Bilderberg descending on Hertfordshire, it’s strange that a highly official Act is being used to make an elected official swear she will disclose no information to the public about a private party.

Reporting on her blog today, the mayor displays both courage and wisdom. Courage, because of her readiness to stick it to the controllers arranging such a strange state of affairs. Wisdom, because she’s making amends for some of her earlier comments in relation to the expected protesters. Thornhill:

“In the end the protestors did their protesting and all went well. It is to the credit of the 2000 protestors (at the peak on Saturday) and to the style of policing. All too often incorrect policing can itself cause problems.”

Anyone present those three days knows how true the words of the mayor really are. Indeed: looking back at Bilderberg 2013, mayor Thornhill is sorry over a previous statement she made, commenting that Bilderberg protesters “can and do cause violence”. Today she writes:

“Several protestors got in touch with me about my comments in print, regarding my concerns about trouble. They put me right about anti-Bilderberg protesters not being violent !!”

Thornhill goes on to underscore the importance of vigilance when it comes to “potential abuse of power when concentrated into only a few hands.”

“It is apparent that the protestors are fiercely proud of their legitimate peaceful protest and having now “hosted” them can I say a big thank you for visiting us and showing the world that we do need to heed what our political masters are doing and whilst I don’t quite share their level of concern I wholeheartedly believe it is their right to protest. They do serve as a real reminder of the potential abuse of power when concentrated into only a few hands.”

Notwithstanding this excellent posting by Thornhill, the question remains how it can be that an elected mayor must be briefed on the Bilderberg matter, before she can do her job properly. Bilderberg, according to itself, is a private meeting not a public one, where the guests are invited only in a private capacity. If that is the case, how is it that the mayor must sign the official state-enforced Act?

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