We Are All Soon To Be Domestic Terrorists; U.S. Citizens At Risk Of Imprisonment


Intellihub – As a New World Order unfolds, which is now public on mainstream news. The chance for the government to demonize and imprison it’s outspoken citizens is a reality. “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” is designed to do just that. If this goes through patriotic Americans could be imprisoned.

This will just be another chip on the block for the global elite crime syndicate. Further pushing the Orwellian agenda of the  police state in America. Radio talk show host and film maker Alex Jones said it best “what we have to look forward to is a total prison planet”.

As the American citizens are waking up to the tyrannical iron fist of their government, the potential for profiling becomes increasingly evident. People like Joe Stack and the Hutaree Militia will stand as testaments to criminal government to use against their own people. Eventually there will be no freedoms left. Below is an AP article.

Obama to add homegrown terror to security strategy

May 26, 2010

(Associated Press) Responding to terror attacks like the Fort Hood shooting rampage and the failed Times Square bombing, President Barack Obama is adding homegrown terrorists to the administration’s top national security priorities.

Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, said Wednesday the administration’s newly revised national security strategy document will place homegrown threats among the nation’s top national security concerns.

Presidents use the national security strategy document to set broad goals and priorities for keeping Americans safe. The document has far-reaching effects on spending, warcraft and security strategies.

Obama’s revision would be the first time that homegrown terror threats was a pillar of the document. President Bill Clinton did not mention domestic terrorism in his 1998 revision after the Oklahoma City bombing, and President George W. Bush made only passing reference to homegrown terrorism in 2006 document.

Brennan said the revision will address homegrown extremists like the Pakistani-American charged in the failed Times Square bombing. Brennan discussed U.S. citizens like Najibullah Zazi and David Headley, who were charged with plotting terrorist attacks. Read more..

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