‘We as humans have become so godlike and greedy that we will destroy ourselves’: Alex Jones

Will the human species end with global thermonuclear war?

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Infowars’ Alex Jones warned in a YouTube video Thursday that the world is in the greatest danger of nuclear war over the Korean Peninsula/South China Sea crisis than ever.

“We have gotten so godlike with our technology that we’re still just these fallen little greedy creatures, that like the legend of Atlantis, we end up destroying ourselves,” Jones said. ‘It’s a big situation.’

The popular talk show host said that North Korea’s recent threat of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” is alarming, especially when coupled with known U.S., Chinese, and Russian military movements which may be coming to a head.

“Now is the time to be praying for this country and the world,” said Jones. “This is incredibly dangerous time.”

In regards to nuclear weapons, “More than 14 nation have them,” Jones pointed out.

“So the question is can North Korea strike and ‘turn us into ashes’ as they say?”

“The answer is: no,” Jones said, in response to his own question. “If they continue to get more advanced missile from China […] they may be able to hit an island in Hawaii, maybe the closest toward Asia — Kauai.”

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