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By Jonny Phoenix
July 26, 2012

Thanks to you, the readers ofAlienDigest.com the new website has been an extreme success!

As the founder & director I want to thank everyone who has engaged in reading, posting, or sharing our content.

Now it is time to take the website to the next level as I am calling for volunteer writers.

That’s right, if you are a journalist, writer, researcher, or a talented individual feel free to submit your exclusive content for a chance to get published on AlienDigest.com.

What we are looking for:

  • Exclusive Writers
  • Exclusive Articles
  • Exclusive Video’s

Note: Please provide a short bio with links and it will be placed at the footer of any proved article or submission.

Submit all content to:


AlienDigest.com is a professional internet publication and is looking for professionalism within our journalists.

About Us

Inspired by numerous sightings and several close encounters, founder and director Jonny Phoenix is passionate about bringing the truth to the forefront.

AlienDigest.com — A leading source on UFO’s and the alien agenda.

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  • Founder, Director & Editor-in-Chief — Jonny Phoenix
  • Co-Founder & Editor — Jordin Gudinne

Note: There are so many lies and disinformation artists in the whole UFO conspiracy realm that rather than judge or argue over who is and isn’t legit, we just publish material from many different UFO sources and let the reader judge for themselves.

A post on this site does NOT mean an endorsement and is the opinion of the author or the researcher quoted only.

Many times one of our writers will post something about a whistleblower or “insider” in order to get the information into the public domain to be debated and either confirmed or debunked. A simple post on our site does not mean we are “promoting” one side of an issue or another.

If you are a researcher yourself and take issue with one of the researchers or experts quoted on one of our posts, feel free to contact us with your side of the issue and or a counter article. AlienDigest.com is NOT about taking sides in regards to the many different issues within the UFO community itself.

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