(INTELLIHUB) — Radio talk show host Alex Jones came forth Monday, and explained to listeners that “weaponized flicker rates” in the televisions, weaponized carrier waves” are now attacking us.

Jones also said that Hollywood is conditioning us and questioned if they are actually “warning us” using weaponized flicker rates, broadcast through our T.V. sets.

“I wish I could tell you the stuff I know about Hollywood,” Jones said.

“I was taken ten years ago, next month, and was allowed to see the future of movies,” said Jones.

“They are going to pure holograms basically,” where the theater and “the movie will be circular.”

Jones went on to tell people that they are trying to put people into a “sleepwalking trance.”

Jones also mentioned that they can already control primates with this weaponry and already have in at least one test. Jones said that this technology is being tested on “hundreds of thousands of primates.”

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