Weather warfare: Is Texas being attacked with weather manipulation technology in advance of Jade Helm?

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Texas in NWO bullseye as Jade Helm 2015 looms on the horizon

(INTELLIHUB) — Speculation and actual evidence has been released in the last two days that has many believing that Texas is under attack with weather manipulation technology. (also known as HAARP)

Some believe the reason for this attack is to soften up the area in advance of Jade Helm 2015 going live. The following article, originally published by All News Pipeline, details the evidence and speculation that HAARP like tech is being used on Texas.

Unfortunately, Intellihub News has no way to fully confirm the below information as we do not run a HAARP monitoring website. (where a good chunk of the below information comes from)

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Texas In NWO Bullseye – Weather Attack Round 2 Softening Up Texas For Jade Helm 15 As Perfect Storm Strikes – ‘Lots Of Things Lining Up’

By Stefan Stanford | All News Pipeline

Now that we know that weather warfare is an absolute, 100% proven fact as shared in this May 26th story by Susan Duclos, we see today that the state of Texas is getting ready to be pummeled by round 2 of blatant weather warfare attacks, leaving Texas once again in the globalists bullseye.

The website of Dane Wigington has a long list of documents that anyone can now access that prove weather modification and weather warfare is well documented and this extensive list of weather engineering patents should be enough to convince every last sceptic out there that not only does weather modification and warfare exist but that there are HAARP facilities located across the entire planet as seen in the image below.


With tropical storm Bill preparing to slam Houston and Dallas, bringing flooding to east Texas and much of the Gulf of Mexico coast line in the next several days, we see a long trail of potential destruction in the NOAA precip forecast stretching from Texas through the Ozarks and into the mountains of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and parts of West Virginia although Texas will clearly take the blunt end of what’s coming.

What mainstream weather experts have to say about this storm is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s troubling:

While tropical storms usually gather power from the warm waters of the ocean and then weaken once they move over land, NASA-funded research has shown some storms can actually strengthen over land by drawing from the evaporation of abundant soil moisture. The phenomenon is known as the “brown ocean” effect. ”

All the things a hurricane likes over the ocean is what we have over land right now.”

According to the National Weather Service:

“The system is going over areas that are already ‘sensitive’…It’s kind of a perfect storm. There are a lot of things lining up.”

Once a ‘weather warfare/weather modification’ skeptic, that time was long ago after learning about a 1996 research paper submitted to the Air Force called “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” as well as a global agreement by members of the United Nations NOT to use weather warfare that was dated ALL THE WAY BACK in 1976.

Weather warfare facts won out over the ‘weather conspiracy theory’ that the mainstream wants us to believe: no weather modification exists and one must be a ‘tin-foil-hat wearing chemtrail b2-weather.jpgconspiracy theorist’ to believe that it did. After what we’ve watched in the past 3 weeks, try to tell Texans that.

Some have been warning of the dangers of weather warfare for many years now despite being attacked and ridiculed.

Why might the NWO globalists target Texas using weather warfare? Let us count the ways.

Texas has decided to challenge the Federal Reserve and is demanding their gold back. Look at what the central banks do to entire country’s that buck the system.

As ANP reader says:

“Texas the next Libya? Greg Abbott may be next in line for the Muammar Gaddafi treatment. Then the Feds can install a figurehead “Ambassador to Texas” to oversee running arms to ISIS “rebels” trying to overthrow Bobby Jindal.. I’m sure John McCain already has a photo op planned. Deja vu all over again.”

Texas has always been a strong, self-reliant state that many experts believe would do quite well independent of the rest of the United States. They have their own power-grid and have long-held views of distrust towards the DC establishment.

Jade Helm 15 has come right out and labeled Texas a ‘hostile territory’ and with the pre-placement of FEMA and emergency response teams due to the apocalyptic Texas weather PRIOR to the official onset of JH15, all of their equipment and personnel are being put into place.

Remember what happened to New Orleans residents after Katrina: gun confiscation there is a proven fact and as Police State USA reminds us, the incremental subverting of the right to bear arms is already underway across the country via legislation and outright attacks upon US Veterans to take away their legal rights to own guns after serving in US wars across the world.

Just think about it; somewhere in a room far away, evil plotsters have figured out a devious, ingenious way to inflict maximum damage and harm upon practically anything they want to and the death and destruction that follows will all be blamed upon ‘an act of God’, the weather.

Some believe that the Fukushima earthquake was caused by HAARP and with the evidence that the extreme weather in Texas 3 weeks ago and today is artificial, weather warfare is quickly mounting.

The videos below take a look at what we believe is an attempt to ‘soften up’ Texas prior to Jade Helm 15 by inflicting a sort of ‘grey terror’ upon the people of Texas and America. The ‘grey terror’ being used is the weather. Call us ‘tin-foil-hat wearing chemtrail conspiracy theorists’ if you want to.

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