Weiner PSY-OP Continues – House and Senate Members Under Threat

The Intellihub
Shepard Ambellas
June 7, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner has now been referred to the House Committee On Ethics in violation of the Use of Campaign Funds or Resources For Official House PurposesHouse Ethics Manual, Chapter 4.

However, a strange twist has now been added to the mix, thus uncovering the true globalist intent behind this PSY-OP.

This PSY-OP is actually directed at the members of the House and Senate, and it reads like a book.

The message is clear:

If you (members of the House and Senate) do not go along with the pre-scripted agenda — you will be brought up on ethics violations and your whole life will be ruined in the eye of the public. Oh — and by the way — remember when you used your government issued Blackberry to call your husband or wife?

Thus instilling fear into members of the House and Senate in these economically unpredictable times.

Does this Wiener issue relate to the debt ceiling? One must ask themselves.

Looks as if the global crime syndicate squeezed another inch to gain ground on the mindless sheeple of America, and members of the House and Senate are chewing on it.