Whats Next, Americans Accepting Body Scanners Over Pat-Downs?

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The Intellihub
By Shepard Ambellas

Listening to the guests on the Hannity Show tonight was interesting to say the least. The topic of the show was the naked airport  body scanners, the pat-down issue, and TSA staff itself.

They really are spinning this issue like it is the most dangerous thing you could ever do (fly). The two guests even suggested profiling as an option to pat-downs.

The fact is it is far more dangerous to get in your car and drive down the road than to fly in a plane.

After 9/11, businesses were forced to purchase terrorism insurance thus enabling the massive insurance companies to make a huge profit off one of the largest terror attacks in history.

Eventually all airports will be required to have body scanners (if we the people do not respond), an organized push by the very companies involved in the production and promotions of the radioactive scanning units that scan and store naked body images in high detail down to every pore in your skin.

By the time this issue fades out of the media (on purpose),  the American people will be begging for the radioactive scanners as an alternative to TSA touching their “junk”.

Just sit back and watch as the PSY-OP unfolds before you. How long will it take them to have naked body scanners installed in every airport throughout the world. Will the establishment get pushed back by the angry masses, or did the fluoride in the water make the masses too docile to respond?