When weapons systems become to advanced — Humans in the crosshairs

By Staff Writer

Nobel Peace Prize winner protests ‘killer robots’ — Don’t let SkyNet activate

(INTELLIHUB) — In a recent interview with RT, Nobel Peace Prize winner and political activist Jody Williams explained the dangers “killer robots” pose on society.

From sub-sonic super drones to micro-robots “the size of a mosquito”, humans now have to worry about artificial life forms around them, even killer ones.

In a jaw dropping admission, Williams talked about how a beta micro insect drone that can come into your room, spy on you, inject you with poison, then kill you undetected.

While the interview was thought-provoking for sure, talking about the “prototype and testing phase” of advanced killer drone and robot technologies was the highlight, causing my brain to spin, giving it some food for thought.

At times the interview got quite deep, getting into international laws, ethics, and the need for a chain of responsibility regarding killer robots–mixing it up for the techies.

Without surprise, Williams launched a campaign against killer robots seven months ago, forcing Geneva to address the issue in an upcoming meeting, capturing public attention. And that is just what she has done, with this recent RT appearance.

Williams said in the interview that she is “not making this up. This is not science-fiction. I wish it were”.

Williams also pointed out that the U.S. military has even pointed out some “problematic” drawbacks to autonomous drones and robots that need to be address.

“Robots should not have the kill decision over human beings […] These robots are on our immediate horizon unless we stop them”, Williams stated.

Williams also concentrated on the moral problems and ethical issues that come with the use of killer drones and robots, stating that she does not agree with assignation.

Williams is a grassroots activist who admits to making mistakes in life.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)