Whispers Become Louder; Potential For Gulf Evacuations?



July 8th, 2010

Shepard Ambellas

According to Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact, the situation in the Gulf is quickly deteriorating. Matt Smith and his crew have been working on a feature length film documenting the Gulf oil crisis. In their travels during the past three weeks they have witnessed many different events such as two different types of sand on the beaches, where BP has attempted to cover up the oil stained and Corexit covered beaches.

“There are whispers that are becoming louder, people in the area are talking about evacuations” Matt was quoted as saying in a radio interview on Intellihub Radio. Others such as Greg Evensen, a former state trooper with many insider contacts, have been quoted as saying, “evacuations are imminent.” As the situation compounds and there is no end in sight, evacuations seem like the only viable option. If something is not done to get the people out they will most likely become overwhelmed by what some are describing as chemical rape.

Will the evacuations be forced? What will happen if some of the locals disobey a mandatory evacuation order? Where will people be relocated to? These are all valid concerns that surround this issue. Tensions have risen as Gulf residents and people in the region seems to be getting increasingly angry over the BP oil spill.

The Intellihub will be doing one of our biggest and most informative shows ever this Saturday from 8-10 PM eastern time on American Freedom Radio. This show is a must see by all Americans and Gulf coast residents alike. We will have experts, former law enforcement, marine biologists, former CIA/NSA and eyewitness reports focusing on the Gulf oil spill and the deadly affects of corexit 9500.

There are now reports surfacing that BP has been dumping its toxic oily waste into our landfills. This will obviously work the chemicals into our water systems and water supplies. The grim reality of this disaster is that it is effecting peoples health while at the same time potentially killing our food crops and getting into our water supply.

On the other hand, it is very possible that the evacuations of the Gulf will be stalled as long as possible. The government may even wait until a major hurricane hits the gulf.

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