(INTELLIHUB) — The 10 square miles surrounding D.C. is the ‘Corporation of the United States.’ It’s a business. And yes, businesses are supposed to make profits. However many of the previous presidencies have had trouble making any at all. In fact most have racked up an enormous amount of debt.

Is it just me, or does none of this make sense?

Why would the U.S. continue to lose money year after year?

We are $19 trillion in debt people!

Does this make any sense at all?

So what’s the reason for this?

The reason is simple. The real reason is that nobody in the current administration wants to fix it because they are looting it. And that goes for previous administrations as well.

That’s right, key people in power are looting the Corporation of the United States. Looting it of our tax dollars and moreover, all of our greatest assets, including our National Parks, which were turned over to the United Nations by the Clinton’s, who have also sold off one-fifth of our uranium ore to the Russians.

Image: IowaPolitics.com/Flickr