WHO health emergencies director advocates government snatch and grab teams to forcefully remove, detain, COVID-19 positive family members, children, from homes

Americans will soon be forcefully removed from their homes as the U.S. slides into total tyranny in a span of just several weeks

(INTELLIHUB) — Executive Director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme Dr. Michael Ryan announced last week that world governments need to act now by removing those infected with COVID-19 from their very own homes and take them to an undisclosed location where they are to be isolated. (i.e. FEMA camps)

“Most of the transmission that is actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household at a family level,” Ryan explained. “In some senses, the transmission has actually been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units… now we need to go into families and find those people who are sick and remove them and isolate them…”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was not very happy with the plan telling viewers on Monday that this is not something which officials typically casually drop during normal circumstances.

“Just so you know we are coming to your house seizing your children and quote ‘isolating them in a safe and dignified manner,'” Tucker said. “Whatever that means.”

Keep in mind COVID-19 is reportedly an asymptomatic virus which means people do not need to display any symptoms in order to test positive. This very fact leaves the door wide open for tyrannical governments around the world, including the United States government, to conduct snatch and grab operations on anyone who they deem infected.

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The U.S. and other countries around the globe have essentially been brought into tyranny in just several short weeks and there is currently no end in sight to the lockdowns just as I warned 90-days ago when I said that the lockdowns will keep being extended and “will never lift.”


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