Who was really behind the deadly ‘truck crash’ in Berlin?

An analysis of the deadly truck crash in Berlin

(INTELLIHUB) – Reuters is reporting that the circumstances surrounding Monday’s deadly truck crash at a Christmas market in Berlin remains unclear at this stage, according to a senior German official. He also dismissed as speculation reports that the truck could have been hijacked by militants

“The sequence of events point to either an accident or an attack,” Berlin State Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a statement it was still unclear exactly what had happened. Security officials are trying to secure the site and find those responsible, he said.

While CNN and other mainstream media agencies continue to blame the truck (something which they have a bad habit of doing) for killing 12 people and injuring some 50, the New York Post is reporting that the Islamic State has taken responsibility for the deadly attack.

NY Post also rightly points out:  “The incident — which is being investigated as an act of terrorism — is very similar the the Bastilles Day terrorist attack that unfolded in the coastal French city of Nice over the summer.

“The driver of the truck in the July 14 attack — later identified as a Tunisia native who pledged allegiance to ISIS — mowed down dozens of people gathered along the tiny Promenade des Anglais.”

Telegraph UK also reports: “According to local police, the first indications pointed to a terrorist attack on the market, situated at the foot of the ruined Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church.”

The Daily newspaper Die Welt and news agency DPA reported that the driver came to Germany as a refugee in February and was either from Afghanistan or Pakistan. The man had used different names, which was making his identification more difficult, a security source added.

The Daily Star is reporting that the truck crash suspect has been ‘identified as Pakistani.’ And Pakistan is a 98% Muslim country. A coincidence? I think not.

Regardless whether he’s Pakistani or Afghan, it’s 99.99% certain he’s an Islamic terrorist.

Police have also confirmed the truck passenger who was found dead is a Polish citizen.They didn’t give further details of who he was or what happened to him. The Polish owner of the truck said he feared the vehicle, driven by his cousin, may have been hijacked.

Quick flashback to November…

Back in November, Mirror UK published a story about British Intelligence agency M15 warning that ISIS and Al Qaeda were planning Christmas market terror attacks in Europe.

Terrorists are planning a wave of Christmas attacks throughout Europe, targeting shopping areas and crowded market-places to maximise casualties.

The main groups plotting Yuletide blood-letting are Islamic State and al-Qaeda and UK intelligence agencies and counter-terror police are on high-alert.

It comes as Islamic State loses ground in Iraq with a massive assault on its Mosul stronghold and attacks are already weakening its Syrian HQ Raqqa.

French counter-terror police last weekend seized seven suspects allegedly awaiting delivery of an arms cache for an assault on civilians.

The people arrested in Marseilles and Strasbourg were of French, Morroccan and Afghan origin and aged between 29 and 37.

Police found four handguns and a submachine gun in searches.

Britain’s domestic intelligence agency MI5 has warned a terror attack on our streets is highly likely for the past two years as Europe has become increasingly targeted.

Therefore it is more than safe to come to the conclusion that this attack was instigated by nothing less than a ‘radical’ Islamic terrorist from Pakistan adhering to the core teaching of violent jihad as found in the Koran, to the very letter.

New Information point’s to the Berlin truck attacker still being at large.

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