What exactly is the Clark County Coroner hiding inn regards to the 1 Oct. massacre, some suspect ballistics

(INTELLIHUB) — Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden questioned why the Clark County Coroner has failed to release the shooter’s autopsy against court order and Nevada law on Monday night’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Live.

Baden made it clear that there should have been bullets recovered from the autopsies which may give a clearer indication of what actually transpired that night.

“One of the reasons [autopsies are performed] is to recover all of the bullets that have been fired and to find if there was a bullet that came from a weapon that wasn’t in the possession of the shooter,” the forensic pathologist explained.

Could the coroner be hiding the fact that a helicopter air assault occurred, as Intellihub reports suggest?

Featured Image: Screenshot via Google Street View
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