Why Hillary will likely be your next President: Electronic election fraud, hacking of system exposed 100%

It has now been proven that electronic voting machines can be hacked using only the memory card


(INTELLIHUB) — As an experiment, a group of individuals conducted a “mini election” using the Diebold voting machine to see whether it could be “hacked” using only the systems memory card which is inserted into the machine before votes are taken, thus making accusations of election fraud a reality.

During the experiment a random Diebold machine was selected via lottery to assure that the device was not “pre-rigged.”

“The winner is unit 15191,” the lead man conducting the experiment said, which was grabbed off the shelf where many other of the same model machines were being stored.

“What we have here is a programed optical scan ballot […] with only one question on it.”

The question on the ballot read:


“Can the votes on a Diebold system be hacked using the memory card?”

The answers available on the ballot were only “yes” and “no.”

During the experiment, 2 out of 8 individuals voted “yes” and the remaining 6 voted “no.”

Once the ballots were filled out the “hacked” memory card was inserted into the machine and the machine was then powered on. The machine then ran a “self test analysis” and zeroed itself out for the ballots to be entered.

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Shockingly, once the report was printed — out of the 8 total votes, 7 showed as “yes,” despite the fact that only two of the ballots were marked “yes” before they were inserted into the machine.

One of the participants ended up crying after seeing the results, and learning that criminal factions of her government may have duped her and the entire American people in previous elections.

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