Wikileaks could release even more damaging material against Clinton Inc.

(INTELLIHUB) — The internet is buzzing after a New Years Eve Tweet by Wikileaks claimed that 2017 will be an even bigger year for the whistleblowing organization than 2016.

Considering that Wikileaks revealed tens of thousands of DNC emails among numerous other high profile releases throughout 2016, the fact that they are telling their supporters that this year will be even better has many wondering what could possibly be next.

One has to wonder if this could point to the upcoming release of information that actually directly implicates failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the numerous and documented criminal activities tied to her, her family, and her foundation.

The organization has been a target of the leftist establishment after their release of DNC emails was tied to Russia through disinformation published by the Washington Post and numerous other corporate news outlets. They are clearly preparing for an increase in attacks which also indicates that the information they plan to release is indeed explosive.

Here’s to a new year that includes Clinton finally facing the music for her career as a corrupt globalist puppet!

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Image: mike/Flickr