WIKILEAKS: Mainstream media spreading misinformation on Assange


Over the last few weeks and certainly over the last 48 hours, there’s been a lot going on with “anti-secrecy” group Wikileaks and its “notorious” co-founder Julian Assange.

Yesterday, the organization sparked wild rumours on the internet after three cryptographic hashes, used in verifying the integrity of data were released on Twitter which led many to believe it was the result of a “dead man’s switch”. Many feared this was an indicator that the prominent whistleblower was either dead or compromised.

As many would be aware, Assange has lived and worked in Ecuador’s London embassy since June 2012, having been granted asylum there after a British court ordered him extradited to Sweden to face questioning in a sexual molestation case involving two female WikiLeaks supporters.

encrytion keys

It turns out that Ecuador cut Assange’s internet access Saturday, 5 pm GMT shortly after he published Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches. The organization has activated “the appropriate contingency plans”.

This comes a day after US Vice President Joe Biden called for an offensive cyber war against Russia. The Democrats have also called Assange a puppet of Putin.

Are these series of events related? Quite possibly.

Edward Szall, a TruNews journalist called the embassy Monday seeking confirmation on Assange’s status. The staff member on the other end of the line said the rumours were “fake” and stated everything was “perfectly ok” with Assange.


Roger Stone, a radio show host, author and GOP adviser to Trump tweeted…

Hmmmm. It seems Stone has some insider information here that reveals the situation is much more serious than first thought. If this is true, Assange could potentially be in a lot of danger.

Mainstream media outlets have been capitalising on the sensationalism of the last 48 hours apparently circulating errors and misinformation sparking Wikileaks to tweet this today…

For example, CNN made the insanely outrageous claim that it’s a crime for the public to access data released by Wikileaks. Of course, we know that this is just pure baloney.

For those who want to check the facts surrounding Assange’s situation for themselves, visit this website to get the full facts instead of the usual mainstream media bias: 

Earlier, Wikileaks retweeted an infographic on Twitter which they originally posted on the 13th of October which says “you are the Wikileaks taskforce” instructing loyal Wikileaks fans to…

  • Let the taskforce know about wrong statements and articles about Wikileaks
  • Tweet to correct wrong statements about Wikileaks
  • Share tweets and retweets that restore the truth about Wikileaks
Wikileaks Task Force/Twitter
Wikileaks Task Force/Twitter

This “taskforce”was something that Assange announced at Wikileaks’ 10th anniversary press conference earlier this month.

It’s quite understandable why Assange would want a taskforce to protect Wikileaks reputation especially when we’ve got the major mainstream media outlets constantly smearing his reputation and spreading lies and misinformation.

Despite Assange’s internet connection being cut, today Wikileaks released another 3,183 Podesta emails in part 10 of their data dump. The total is now at 15,256 emails.

It seems somebody’s not happy about these bombshell revelations, thus the attempt to silence and shut down Assange’s operation.

At this point in time, it is unknown what will become of Assange or if and when his internet connection will be restored.

We will attempt to provide updates as soon as new information on this matter comes to light.

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