Will Italy and Venezuela expose central bank gold manipulation?

Venezuela requested, in 2011, the return of their gold, that was being held in the Federal Reserve Bank New York and in France, and ever since they made this announcement their economic problems have mushroomed. The requested gold was returned to Venezuela, to much fanfare I might add. A short time later then President Chavez died leaving Vice President Maduro in charge. Maduro has managed to run the nation into the ground beginning day one of his Presidency. I am not a fan of Maduro but he is in charge and he was duly elected, the same as President Trump was duly elected.

The western warmongers just recently made moves at regime change in Venezuela by announcing they would recognize some third tier member of Parliament as President. This is not what the people of Venezuela want.

Venezuela has gone from extreme prosperity to socialist collapse in just over 5 years. The slide down the drain has been breathtaking to witness and an absolute study in preparedness and economic collapse. Any time you hear one of these U.S. “progressives” utter the word “socialism” point them towards Venezuela. When the progressive socialist proclaims Venezuela “didn’t do it right” ask them what they could have done differently to prevent the wealth transfer of the nation from the many to the few.

Maduro has invited, all on his own accord, Russia and China to send over military equipment and troops. When the Russian troops, two nuclear-capable bombers arrived the warmongers in Washington DC were up in arms. When Chinese troops arrived on the ground the rhetoric went silent and there hasn’t been a peep about Venezuela in the western corporate media since.

This is to say nothing of the fact that Venezuela has vast amounts of gold – lots and lots of gold in the ground. The 4th largest gold mine in the world is in Venezuela. You combine this with the fact that Venezuela has the largest proven reserves of oil in the world and you have a recipe for attention – lots of attention.

If we look on the other side of the world we see Italy’s Salvini going to blows with the European Central Bank and the Central Bank of Italy regarding Italy’s gold reserves. Salvini is making life for the central bankers very uncomfortable and is challenging the banks in ways they have never had to deal with. The thing is – the whole world is watching. Salvini is making points that has the attention of other world leaders regarding gold ownership and how to repatriate their gold. This is shedding light on gold manipulation in a way that has never, ever happened before. Salvini did not set out to shine a light on gold manipulation, but what he is doing makes it impossible to get around the question.


Will the ECB and Central Bank of Italy recognize the gold belongs to the people of Italy and not the banks? This is the central point of the entire argument that Salvini is making. The answer to this question, which, as of publication, has not come to the table and has the potential to change the entire gold market, the way gold is handled and most certainly will have the attention of nations that have gold stored at the LBMA, ECB and Federal Reserve. If nothing else, it has the potential to expose central bank gold manipulation and change the system forever.

Who trusts banks? No one. If these banks walk away from this situation with less than satisfactory answers the implications could be monumental. This always drives home the question for you and I – got physical gold in your possession?