Will the matching Malaysian Airlines 777 stored in an Israeli hangar later be used in a false flag attack?

An identical matching plane to MH370 is being stored in a Tel Aviv hangar as some speculate worst may be yet to come

By Staff Writer

TEL AVIV (INTELLIHUB) — It doesn’t get any stranger than this folks. In fact, I am almost speechless as the dots are seeming to connect by the hour over here at Intellihub News.

Now, with great investigative effort, YouTuber DAHBOO77 has uncovered what may soon be known as the Holy Grail of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 mystery.

Shockingly DAHBOO77 reports how an identical plane to MH370, another Malaysian Airlines owned Boeing 777, was quietly housed in an Israeli hangar last November. According to records the aircraft has remained in the hangar ever since.

Details uncovered by DAHBOO77 and displayed on PlaneLogger.com’s website confirm that the plane was placed into storage on Nov. 11, 2013 in Tel Aviv.

Details for Registration N105GT
GA Telesis LLC – 777-2H6ER

Serial 28416
Line Number 155
First Flight 25.07.98
Model 777-2H6ER
Status Stored
Comments r21.10.13 frd Lourdes-Tel Aviv 04.11.13,none

While this may mean nothing. Some speculate that the aircraft may be used in a future false flag attack on a populated city like Manhattan.

Take note that the plane’s model number ends with the letters “ER”, meaning extended range.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)