Will a new wave of terror hit the U.S. soon?

By Shepard Ambellas

Well, by looking at the rhetoric, yes

(Image: GeoEvan)
(Image: GeoEvan)

(INTELLIHUB) — According to reports, a new wave of terror is expected to hit the U.S. soon as airline security has been heightened on all incoming international flights inbound into the U.S..

In fact, the reports say that Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, a known bomb maker from Yamin, has possibly been working with Syrian Jabhat Al-Nusra jihadists and may be attempting to make human bombs.

The group, under the C.I.A. blanket name al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula or AQAP, will likely be blamed for an upcoming event as tensions at airports haven’t been higher since 9/11.

The London Telegraph details the security changes:

It is feared a new type of explosive has been developed that will not be picked up under normal checks.

It remains unclear whether that could be deployed in an electronic item such as a laptop, a liquid based explosive soaked on clothing or even surgically implanted in a bomber.

All such techniques have been tried by Asiri in the past.

At Heathrow, passengers were being asked to turn on laptops, mobile phones and other electronics as they passed through security.

Staff were also swabbing all electronic items, clothing and shoes to check for traces of explosives.

The Dept. of Homeland Security and TSA are taking the matter seriously.