Will the U.S. Constitution be Amended? Indiana Constitutional Convention almost underway


By Shepard Ambellas

Con-Con almost underway as a push to alter the U.S. Constitution has arrived

(Image: Public Domain)
(Image: Public Domain)

INDIANAPOLIS (INTELLIHUB) — Lawmakers from 30 states gathered at a Constitutional Convention Thursday, in an attempt to reach a 2/3 majority rule allowing them to alter the U.S. Constitution.

According to reports, a group of about 100 legislators, made up of mostly Republicans, are making a hard push to get 34 states in line for the new alteration, giving them the 2/3 vote which they need to get it done.

According to the Associated Press:

Fueling them is a firm belief that the federal government is increasingly overstepping its bounds and has forgotten that it was the states which gave it life at the birth of the United States, not the other way around.


“We’re trying to save the Constitution and the powers that are inherent there, the powers in the 10th, 9th (amendments) where the power is reserved to the states and to the people,” said Rep. Jordan Ulery, a New Hampshire Republican.

“A lot of people don’t understand what that convention is, and as part of a convention of the states, we’re going to have to teach our own states,” he said.

The 9th and 10th Amendments say that the government cannot encroach on personal rights not already written in the Constitution and that federal powers not written in the Constitution are reserved for the states and the people.

At this time it’s unknown if the group’s intentions are genuine, as their planned (or should I say announced) amendments could flip-flop at the last-minute, ushering in a new agenda.

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The last Constitutional Convention was in 1787 and took place in Philadelphia.

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