Staged Terror: Witness Testifies in Court that the FBI Manipulated Bomb Plot Suspect

By JG Vibes
January 30, 2012

It seems that every would-be terrorist attack that the FBI uncovers is actually a plot that was perpetuated by the FBI itself.

This is no conspiracy theory, but admitted fact.  The FBI always admits the entrapment process that they lead these suspects to.

The Associate Press Reported on one case, saying that:

“A psychologist testified that the FBI used advanced psychological techniques to lure a teenage terrorism suspect into agreeing to a plan that would have killed thousands.

Elizabeth Cauffman, a defense witness in the trial of Mohamed Mohamud, testified Tuesday that undercover FBI agents rewarded risky behavior and used social pressure to convince Mohamud to attempt to detonate a weapon of mass destruction at Portland’s 2010 Christmas tree-lighting.

The bomb was a fake supplied by the FBI.

Cauffman says recordings of the agents telling Mohmaud he had a choice of whether to detonate the bomb were actually psychologically-coded messages daring him to back out.

Testimony from Cauffman and a previous psychologist witness are part of the defense’s efforts to portray the FBI sting as a complicated manipulation of a teenager.”

This is just one case of many where there is direct testimony from people close to the situation.

The “underwear bomber” is another similar case where there was also eyewitness testimony of foul play on the part of the FBI.

This has been a primary tactic for forces within the government that wish to create false flag attacks.

These attacks serve several purposes, they allow the government to do things they once weren’t allowed to do, they drive people into fear and they provide perfect propaganda opportunities to demonize enemies of the state.


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