Woman may have cooked up a human penis complete with ‘hole at tip’

It had a 'hole at the tip'


A woman who purchased a bag of pork tails may have bitten off more than she could chew after she cooked them up in a pot of boiling water and eventually noticed that one of the “tails” appeared to look quite different than the others and resembled a real human penis.

Evangelist Lamia Singfield appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Friday where she explained to Shep in graphic detail what it was like to cook up the phallic-shaped dish.

Singfield said that she was doing her regular weekly cooking show on Facebook live when a few of the evangelist’s viewers noticed something strange about one of the pork tails–it looked like a one-eyed-willie.

“This time I was cooking and something just didn’t look right… it didn’t look like any of the other meat in the pot,” Singfield said. “… that’s when they called the medical examiner.”

The DIY cook said that she thought she had purchased “turkey tails” but explained that her husband had told her that she had read the bag wrong and that she actually purchased “pork tails.”

About that time, the live streamer placed a call to police who arrived at her house only to deem it a “crime scene.” That’s when authorities told her that the slightly-curved member of meat actually “looks like it could be” a human penis.


Singfield said the cut did not look like any of the other meat in the pot and said that it even had a “hole at the tip.”

By the time it was all said and done the dish resembled a split open blown out overcooked hotdog with testicles.

Singfield said that she hasn’t cooked since that day.

As of the time of this article’s publication, Singfield had not yet heard back from the medical examiner with the official verdict.

Go figure.

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