Woman working across street from San Bernardino shooting didn’t hear any gunshots


Realist Report/YouTube

Independent investigator questions official narrative after ‘no gunshots’ heard nearby worker

By Lexi Morgan

SAN BERNARDINO (INTELLIHUB) — An independent investigator interviewed a woman who was working just across the street from the mass shooting when it took place on Dec. 2. Shockingly to the investigator’s surprise the woman said she heard absolutely no gunshots being fired that day although she was only about “200 yards” away from the Inland Medical Center property at the time.

Additionally the woman’s daughter was walking her dog, outside, very close to the scene of the shooting, later that day, around 4 p.m., when the suspects were allegedly killed, and said she heard no gunshots being fired.

The investigator interviewed another person nearby the scene that said they may have heard “three shots,” a lot less then the hundreds reported.

The woman was working at “1264 S. Waternman Ave, Suite 32 San Bernardinio, CA 91408” when the shooting took place, according to the video’s description.

Featured image main page via: Via Realist Report/YouTube
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