(INTELLIHUB) — Former Trump Campaign diversity outreach co-chairman Brunell Donald-Kyei appeared on Fox News Saturday to offer her input in the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally by saying that calls put out for the removal of Confederate statues have gone too far and that their are people in the country who need our help.

“This is history and a lot of our youth don’t even know history as is. And so, at least with these monuments and statues around if a kid says ‘hey who is that’ you would be able to say ‘hey, that’s Robert E. Lee or that’s George Washington,” Donald-Kyei said. And as far as Chicago, the parks and the things that they want to change, you’re worried about monuments and statues when you have living, breathing, children in our inner-cities dying, going to prison, standing on the corner selling drugs because they don’t have jobs. I mean come on.”

Featured Image: darkday/Flickr
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