Your imperialistic leader’s pen is burning a hole in his pocket — Obama to threaten use of Executive Orders Tuesday

Obama likely determined to swiftly deliver a one, two knockout blow to the American people, in weeks to follow Tuesday’s scheduled State of the Union Speech.

By Shepard Ambellas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — Get ready as our imperialistic leader, President Barack Obama is determined to make a push either with or without Senate approval–threatening colleagues earlier this year that he has “a pen” and knows how to use it.

That’s right, Obama does not need approval really for anything as Executive Orders can be signed at any time. And trust me he is fully prepared to do just that. “Still, the president will have to convince Americans, considering a recent ABC poll shows that 59 percent of them disapprove of how ObamaCare has been implemented, and to counter Republicans’ midterm election strategy of singling out and defeating Democrats who backed the law.”, reported Fox News. With 59% of Americans disapproving his health plan the moment, it’s needless to say the pimp daddy himself shall leave no stone unturned durring and after the coming speech.

It’s a shame the way the government is set up now. As I explained earlier, with the stroke of a pen, Obama is essentially a supreme dictator over the United States looking at it in laymen’s terms. In fact Obama has signed more Executive Orders than any other sitting president of the United States, making him more of a tyrant than some of the worst dictators on the planet.

NBC News reported:

Based on what Obama and his aides have said in the run-up to the State of the Union, it’s likely that he will seek to test the limits of what he can do through executive orders and directives to federal agencies.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul discusses cooperation between political parties.

An example of one Obama directive done by presidential memorandum: last June he directed the Interior Department to approve enough renewable energy capacity on federal lands to power more than 6 million homes by 2020.

But congressional Republicans are on a high state of alert for what they see as Obama intrusions on congressional law-making power.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., warned Sunday that “when the executive branch tries to assume the legislative powers, that that’s a form of tyranny.”

However, rest assured that the omnipotent one has a grand spectacle staged for the masses to soak in at his highly anticipated State of the Union Speech Tuesday. Indeed it makes you wonder what fat pocketed scholar wrote the plastic speech that will be presented via the all-mighty animated puppet, reading it from carefully placed teleprompters.

It’s also safe to say that the president and his staff will likely also be engaging plethora of corporations and non-profits durring and after the speech, reaching out to sway political tides, sweeping the lowlands per say.

Let’s face it, America is bankrupt, it’s a known fact and the president has consciously done absolutely nothing to slowdown or halt wasteful and unnecessary spending durring his presidency–nor have any former presidents. Do you see a pattern here?

I mean after all, any corporation that has faced what the U.S. government is now facing, economically speaking, would have already closed its doors. And that’s just out of standard protocol, typical business. Why would you keep going and going as if you believed you were truly an Energizer Bunny.

It is simply just not feasible to continue to operate this way, going further into debt by the hour at a rate that our government will never be able to pay back.

And so this is when you have to ask yourself: what is the real plan? What are these bastards up to? By bastards, I do mean the puppets controlled by the global elite behind the curtain. What is their true intention.

If one steps back and looks at the big picture–the only way we can really go as a nation is down. In fact, we are far past the point of no return.

Any suggestions?

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