Your vote doesn’t count; it all comes down to the electoral votes which all media is hiding from you!

Find out why Clinton is ahead of Trump and may likely win

(INTELLIHUB) — What the American people need to realize is that their vote literally does not count. That’s right there is absolutely no point in voting as an individual because the election results are only based on electoral votes.

Your vote is only a poll, to let the Establishment know what brand you like best, brand A or brand B, that’s all, just like Jordan Maxwell pointed out in the documentary film SHADE.

You see, 270 electoral votes are needed for either candidate to win.

Right now, according to a website tracking the electoral votes, Hillary Clinton is in the lead with 258 electoral votes, compared to Donald Trumps 157 and there are only 127 remaining on the table for grabs. So you can see that as of yet, Hillary Clinton has the Electoral College wrapped up as expected. This is how Bush won the 2002 election.

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