YouTube prankster, pushed, threatened, and intimidated by police for the “crime” of passing gas

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By Cassandra Rules | Free Thought Project

NEW YORK — YouTube prankster Valeriy Abramov, the man who brought you Officer Oinkie McBacon is at it again, and this time, he is farting or at least pretending to, at the police.

In his latest video for his channel, ValTV, Abramov is pushed, intimidated, and threatened, for the apparent crime of having gas (or seeming to).

Many of the officers are so offended by this bodily function that they cuss him out, one even threatens him, telling him to walk out before the he throws him out.  A few officers, however, were good sports, with one even telling him about his fart problem when he was doing some drinking in college.  Abramov asks him for some advice on his situation, and the officer told him he just let them go.

It’s amusing how aggressive the cops become, even though they didn’t even smell bad since they were not real.

This isn’t Abramov’s first time bravely crossing the thin blue line in the name of YouTube comedy.

In his video “Pissing Off Cops,” he walks straight up to an officer telling him he has cannabis in his pocket, and uses a water bottle to pretend that he is urinating on a patrol car right in front of an officer.

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Video Source: ValTV/YouTube

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