YouTuber: ‘Five people could takedown top thousand channels in a week by falsely flagging’ them


YouTube has become a volatile platform as people such as Mark Dice, Montagraph, Dutchsinse and others have learned and even pointed out

By Staff Writer

(INTELLIHUB) — The mega-large site, ranked #3 on Alexa for worldwide traffic, has become the phenomenon it is from its users, who actually film, upload and share relevant content posted on the popular site. However, current policy provisions seem to be behind the times and may require updating to prevent further issues.

Shockingly, current YouTube policies allow all channels to potentially be falsely flagged by fictitious characters including “Superman, Daffy Duck Fruity Pebbles, Scooby Doo”, offering the potential to takedown any channel in advance based on claims holding no merit, a Youtuber going by the name Montagraph pointed out in a video released Friday. In the video Montagraph essentially points out how YouTube’s current process is guilty, until proven innocent.

“I’m not saying my solution is the way”, Montagraph stated, but Youtube needs to require a “$1 fee” which would require a valid credit card for a plaintiff to submit a DMCA claim, alleviating some of the problematic fraud currently taking place.

“Five people could take down the top thousand channels in a week”, said Montagraph, continuing on to talk about how “the system is broken” after being deemed a “criminal copyright infringer” by YouTube.

Moreover, YouTuber Mark Dice had a similar experience recently as his channel was shutdown for some period of time as well.


Update Apr. 27, 2014:

Sadly, we now see more channels coming under attack, most recently with the YouTube partnered channel BananaLips75, who is now losing revenue from the fraudulent DMCA claims filed by, can you believe this, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, a former WWF superstar who would have been deceased at the time of the filing. The famous wrestler, who held 20 championships, died May 20, 2011, according to Wikipedia.

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