Youtuber: ‘Global currency reset in the works; pandemic quarantines to grab guns’

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By Shepard Ambellas

“The whole thing is a joke, it’s a fraud”, stated Montagraph

COLORADO (INTELLIHUB) — “Six or seven months ago you could buy a pound of hamburger for $2.35. But you will have noticed that in the past 6-7 months the cost of hamburger has gone up a minimum of 50%, easily. It’s outrageous. […] the cost of food has increased considerably.”, said Youtuber Montagraph in his most recent video, then going on to touch on the “gross mismanagement” of the nation.

“Right this very moment, what is happening, is a bunch of knuckleheads got together, whether it be at the Bilderberg meeting behind closed doors somewhere, and they are doing what’s called a “global currency reset”, Montagraph pointed out, saying, “the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s currency”. And when all of this comes to a head “prices at the fuel pumps will rise 30-40% […] people are going to go into tangibles like gold and silver”.

However, Montagraph also points out the problem with buying tangables like gold and silver, saying, “If the United States ever goes through some sort of gold confiscation yet again, you are not going to get $1600 an ounce for that gold, you are going to get book value”, which Montagraph points out is “only around $44”.

Moreover, the highest priority for the establishment right now “is to disarm this country”, said the Youtuber, continuing on talking about how people will likely be seeing more shootings highlighted in the press over the coming months as they [the establishment] wants to pit 2/3 of the population against the other 1/3 in an attempt to fully disarm the populace. Montagraph then goes on to touch on how “you can not have a dictatorship if the populace is armed”.

So how will they disarm us?

“You bet your but that they are testing right now through telecommunications and telephoning ways to, let’s say, regulate and control entire swaths of the nation through telephoning. Either through interruption or entire outages”, Said Montagraph in the video as he lit a cigarette. Another way to disarm us is through “quarantine”, the Youtuber pointed out.

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