Youtuber: ‘Spec Ops military unit wants to come hangout in my studio and study me’

Spec Ops unit seeking to learn Youtuber’s secrets for popularity

(INTELLIHUB) — “A high-level unit which is involved in psychological warfare wants to come hangout with me in my studio to study me with a team of researchers for days, to try and figure out why this YouTube channel is so successful,” Youtuber Mark Dice said in a video he uploaded Thursday.

Dice says that the government is “scrambling” to try and figure out why “independent alternative media sources” have been so popular, so that the government can “try to restore the fake credibility” that the mainstream media once had.

In the video Dice read a letter that was sent to him from a .mil email address which requests that Dice let a research team study, “observe and shadow” how Dice conducts daily business regarding his YouTube channel.

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